Michael Bay to Clone Himself to Make All 14 Transformer Movies at the Same Time

In a recent interview, Michael Bay stated there were 14 more movie ideas for his beloved Transformer series after his upcoming epic, The Last Knight. Of course, Bay made sure to clarify he would be only interested in perhaps directing a spinoff, implicitly implying he is mortal. Now there have been rumblings Bay has found a means to clone himself to create all 14 Transformer movies at the same time.

“One upside is that each clone seems to progressively love explosions even more than I do,” Bay said as he lit a firecracker attached to a Bumblebee action figure. “I didn’t think that were possible.”

In fact, this is even reflected in the titles of the upcoming Transformer movies:

  1. Transformers: Gridlock by O.G. Micheal Bay
  2. Transformers 6: The Big Bang by Michael Bay 2
  3. Transformers 7: Prime Time by Michael Bay 3
  4. Transformers 8: Pride and Pre-justice by Michael Bay 4 (likes to go by Bay-Bay)
  5. Transformers: Bumblebee and the Very Bad, Terrible, Awful Explosion by Michael Bay 5
  6. Transformers 9: The Last Knight for the Second Time by Michael Bay 6
  7. Transformers 10: I Explode, You Explode, We All Explode by Michael Bay 7
  8. Transformers Explosion by Michael Bay 8
  9. Transformers 11: Blow It to Kingdom Come By Michael “Dynamite” Bay 9
  10. Transformers 12: TNT by Michael Bay 10
  11. Transformers 13: Explodey Explosion by Michael Bay 11
  12. Explosions 14: The Final Explosion by President Michael Bay 12 (This Michael Bay becomes president. His foreign policy, surprisingly, works great!)
  13. Explosions: The Second Final Explosion by Michael Bay 13
  14. Explosions Infinite by Michael Bay 14 (The movie is literally just a two hour explosion)

Bay’s producing team did state he was going too far; however, Bay replaced them with additional clones of himself.




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