Man Explains to Girlfriend Why Wonder Woman is an Important Movie to Her Gender

Author’s Disclaimer: SPOILERS. Don’t read if you haven’t watched the movie.

A couple was seen walking out of the Regal Cinemas Theater in West Side Albuquerque, having a one way discussion of their recent viewing of the DC Cinematic Epic titled Wonder Woman.  The man, described as having shoulders connected directly to his head unnaturally and a tribal tattoo on each limb, explained to his girlfriend that her favorite part must be the No Man’s Land sequence.

“You see babe, the cool thing about that sequence is that like everyone was telling her, ‘You can’t do it! No one can! It’s impossible!'” the boyfriend said, pausing for just a moment for dramatic effect, “then she did it.”

Artist’s Depiction of Boyfriend

The girlfriend stared straight ahead, her facial expression unwavering as she gave subtle nods signaling agreement. “Also, it’s No Man’s Land, not No Woman’s Land,” he said, gasping at his own brilliance as he dumped his in hand protein shake down his esophagus.

“Did you see how it was a woman saving the man in the movie? Not just like emotionally or spiritually either, but like physically. You never see that in movies.” He said.  “You had to have felt so empowered, babe, and just like ready to take on the challenges you must face every day as a woman.”

The boyfriend continued to explain that it was great the villain was a man. “It was a metaphor for taking down the guys who think they know better just because they’re dudes, babe. Like, how cool that must be for you to see something like that play out in a super hero movie, babe.”

“Down with the patriarchy, am I right, babe?” he said, pumping a single fist into the air.

As they approached their car, the girlfriend was overheard asking if she could drive to which the boyfriend was heard saying, “A woman driving? AS IF.”




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