Who am I?

So much of life is spent finding identity. Who am I? What is my purpose? What is a porpoise? That’s an example of something Google can answer for you; however, identity is a much trickier subject that search engines are not going to definitively answer. Some people strive to create an identity; others are born into one and then there’s those that find their identity in things like work, art, etc.

Identity is subjective. To one person, I could be the coolest cat in the fish market and then to Bobby, I could be a total loser. Come on, Bobby, I told you I’d get you your five dollars back – no need to interrupt my about me like that.

Where was I? No one can truly take away your identity. I mean, there is identity theft which is a terrible, horrendous thing for one to experience. That movie Identity Thief starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy is also terrible. Don’t recommend it at all. I only watched it because it was on the TV.  You know what’s a great movie with Jason Bateman though? The Gift. Fantastic movie and probably my favorite of his filmography.

(Come on, get through this. You can do this! About me’s are always so awkward though. Ugh!)

Identity is not about being completely unique. It’s about being you. It’s about enjoying things and doing things you love in the way you love doing them. That’s identity. And no, I did not get that from a Hallmark card. But damn, maybe that’s what I should be doing? I mean, who am I anyway? I am some guy, sitting in a room with a bunch of Funko! Pop Figures writing a pretentious blog with no point. Writing cards would be far more fulfilling than this, right?


Oh, I am Andy bee-tee-dubs.